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BetterEvalution discussion: weighing the benefits of advocacy

BetterEvaluation has just published its first Discussion Paper: ‘The value iceberg: weighing the benefits of advocacy and campaigning’. My colleague, Jim Coe, and I wrote it after long discussions about how concepts of ‘value’ and ‘results’ are being applied to advocacy and campaigning. We discuss these in the paper, and present ten alternative strategies for […]

Investing in Insight

November 1, 2013 Developing monitoring and evaluation practice in an organization or coalition is an exercise in patience. It requires incubating a culture of evaluative thinking and instituting new processes. The “what”—the indicators to be measured, the evaluation framework—work best if the organization also has the capacity, processes and appetite to use them. Knowing what […]

“Slow” Advocacy

September 13, 2013 Advocacy, ultimately, is about persuading people to think and/or behave differently. In the July 2013 New Yorker article “Slow Ideas”, the surgeon and journalist Atul Gawande explores why some innovations spread fast, and how to speed the ones that don’t. (For example, the introduction of anesthesia during surgery caught on in months, […]

Redefining “Success”

August 19, 2013 I appreciate projects that remind me of the very short distance between existence and non-existence that many small organizations face. Take the organization in Ukraine I’m reviewing as part of evaluation support a colleague and I are providing to small funder: staffed by seven volunteers, five of whom are under age thirty, […]

Measuring in a way that matters

August 1, 2013 For a couple years now a colleague and I have been working with a very small but incredibly interesting and dynamic youth-led grantmaking organization. This group motivates and inspires me. As evaluators, we’ve been trying to help the organization focus on measuring change in a way that’s meaningful to them and to […]

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